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We are "first responders" for the homeless. We do street outreach and identify homeless individuals wherever they may be, primarily on the streets of Philadelphia but also neighboring communities.  We offer a fresh made bag lunch, then we engage them to see what other needs we can fill- a jacket, sleeping bag, thermal underwear, socks, a tent, toiletries, etc.... ALL BRAND NEW.

$100 can clothe a homeless person from head to toe!

$30 puts a BRAND NEW COAT on a homeless person.

$24 gives a BRAND NEW SLEEPING BAG to keep someone warm.

$15 buys thermal underwear and socks for someone living in the cold.

$5 gets a freshly made quality meal in their hands.


One Time Donation

Recurring Donation

Through Paypal using a debit or credit card (no account required) you can make a recurring donation that will help sustain us.

The impact of taking time to talk with the homeless when they are often ignored, and giving them a BRAND NEW JACKET with the tags still on to replace their dirty and worn coat, often its overwhelming. We share tears and prayer. We encourage and listen. This personal interaction often leads to the homeless person identifying others that need help, this is perhaps the most humbling aspect when people in bad situations show concern for others.


The bigger impact is people witnessing our humble efforts. We want to encourage others especially children not to judge others in unfortunate situations. We partner with local churches and their youth groups prepare toiletry bags often with handwritten cards and notes to encourage.  Your generous donation will help us to help more homeless, we want to expand our efforts and include others as we do God's work here on Earth. This charitable outreach started in 2000 as 2 friends buying lunches for the homeless and we are excited to see where it leads next.  Thank you!

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