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Christmas 2022 

We were greeted by a forceful, blistering wind on this chilly winter trip. Since we do our biggest run (1 of 4) the Friday before Christmas,  this weather is expected. So how do the homeless cope with the cold weather and why are they outside? Most will not go to a shelter because they feel unsafe as their items are often stolen and aggressive behavior by others makes them feel intimidated.

Thanks to your financial donations, we distributed:
65 lunches, 40 pairs of boots/shoes, winter coats, gloves, underwear, t-shirts, thermal underwear, and hooded sweatshirts. Every run, we try our best to hand out brand-new items. Boomba stocks sponsors, and recognizes “Least of Our Brothers” as a helpful and eligible organization.

Upon opening the doors of the stocked 18 ft trailer by the Philadelphia Art Museum approximately 20 or more received the above items. During our conversation with Phil, a 19-year-old male, we discovered that was in a bad spot after recently losing his job. He couldn’t afford his rent and was homeless. Feeling lost and overwhelmed, Phil had to confront the reality of being without a job and a place to call home. “ It is almost impossible to find a job when you’re homeless.”

Despite the hardships, Phil refuses to give up. He’s not proud of receiving handouts, however, it’s putting him in a better spot to go to a job interview with the new clean clothes we provide. We see many of the same, repeat people throughout the year and I’m happy to report that we did not see Phil on our subsequent runs. We asked around and still wonder if he got a job and hopefully is in a better place. God Bless You, Phil!

We were able to visit two other locations. We refused to come home until the trailer was empty. Our mission was accomplished.  

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