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2014 Christmas Outreach

(Ron Krier) On Fri Dec 19th, my good friends Mike,Andy, and Pete and I got together for what might have been our 12th annual,  (for the least of our brothers run), which was  again a great success.

We started at the clothes pin by city hall, which is where we always start and Andy took the lead as we went straight down underground to the subway and found a lot of homeless people in the cold.

We gave out fresh delicious lunches made by Silvio’s deli in Hatboro, Hoagies ,chips , soda and a desert.  We then gave out sleeping bags, tents ,socks ,boots , toiletries and etc.

Now that we’ve been doing this so long we are starting to run into repeat customers , such as Robert who was the first guy we gave hair cut to last year. When we gave him boots this year he was so happy that he went to the public rest room in the subway to throw out his old boots and socks and wash his feet and put on his new socks and boots . He then came back to show them to us. That was a great feeling .

We actually fed and gave supplies to over 60 different people and were able to leave some supplies at what were little tent cities.

This annual event is a very humbling experience. My friends and I all love and look forward to doing this every year and it seems to get bigger and better each year . When we started we would help about 30 people and now more than double that number along with adding haircuts which is its own success story. (Come back Tom)!!!!

Looking forward to 12/2015 , Hope we can get more help next time around

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