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February 2019 street outreach

We were just finishing helping some people at a park near the bottom of the steps leading up to the Art Museum when one of us yelled they found someone in a tent set up on the sidewalk down a side street. The truck and trailer took off and I started walking down the street to where they had pulled over. As I approached the trailer I saw a red cane with a black handle leaning by the door and I immediately thought 'I recognize that cane'. I entered the trailer and saw a man we had been helping out for years. His name is Bruce. One of the most bittersweet things we deal with is helping the same people out year after year. We are so happy to see them again but at the same time sad that they are still living on the street.

Peter and Bruce

Bruce was as usual in very good spirits, and even though he has been on the street for years he only took from us the few things he needed the most. His main concern was some people he knew who were in a worse way then him and needed help. He asked us for an extra tent and sleeping bag to give to a friend who was sleeping in a lean-to he made in a little bunch of trees (within 300 yards of Rocky's run up the steps!) As we were pulling away to our next stop we saw Bruce limping into some trees to give his friend some shelter and warmth, but not before he led us in prayer!!

Bruce (right) leading prayer!!

We started doing this thinking we could help some people who have nothing and maybe make their lives a little better. We had no idea the effect they would have in our lives. Every time I come away feeling I have been given something by them, far more than I gave.

Peter Murphy

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