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July 20, 2019 Street Outreach

As we were cruising down Aramingo Avenue there are far too many people to stop for, we have to be careful where we stop or we attract too large of a crowd to deal with- one of the challenges in street outreach. It reminded us of a third world country- destitution and hopelessness.

Just up ahead, we happen to see a woman in a dumpster, so we pull over and break the ice with a bag lunch and there was also a gentleman with her. Their names are Amber and Mike. Amber told her story of how she and her mother were on the streets and that she's been "dumpster diving" (her words) since the age of 5. Amber told us that she loved her mother and was grateful she was shown how to survive on the streets.

We invited them to the trailer and they were distrustful at first, very skeptical. After they saw inside the trailer and all that we had to offer them they were so thankful and we filled the needs that we could with what we had. Amber had tears in her eyes and Mike was just as thankful.

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