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May 2017 street outreach

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

For this outreach we had a special blessing from Pastor Chris Hanley from Bethel Philadelphia Mills Church. We distributed 60 bag lunches along with many sleeping bags, duffle bags, tents, and clothing plus food and water.  Check out the photos below.

Hello Pastor Hanley,

My friends and I just wanted to once again express our appreciation with all your time and help in sending us off with what now stands out as the best prayer we have had to date and I might add that god was listening as the rains stopped when we started to hand out supplies to the homeless and it didn’t start again until we were home and the job was done.

We were very successful as we met at least 60 but probably more like 80 people who could use our help. One gentleman actually had his shoes falling of his feet from just being worn thru the soles, needless to say he has fresh socks and sneakers. There was another lady who has been on the street for 10 years she was under a bench down in the subway, My wife and mikes wife seem to think she has had no opportunity to take a shower and had open sores , Very bad odor, it was hard to help her with the pain she was in and this woman was just so polite and friendly, My and Mikes wife have her etched into their memory forever ( they are both nurses and that touched them at their core ).

We also think we witnessed an overdose of some type while we were down in the subway.

As we headed home we had a few tents and sleeping bags left with a couple cases of water, so we went behind Bethel of Philadelphia Mills and went down to the creek where we found a tent encampment but could not find anyone so we left the stuff there. We hope we got the right spot.

Thanks again,

Your friend

Ronald Krier

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